Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Busy,busy, busy.

Well Mary said that I'm not living up to my part of the blog, so...

Today while Mary was off taking sunrise photos I vacuumed the 1st floor of the beach house, took out the recyclables, and showered. When she got back from her photo shoot, we took a walk on the beach. While this might sound like good exercise, its not. WE have to stop every few feet and look for shells. Anyways after our beach "walk", I went to the driving range for about an hour. After that exhusting hour I returned to the beach house and sat on the porch overlooking the ocean and did my sudoku puzzles. Then I needed a break so...I read my book. And somewhere in between all of that I went to the post office. This not a typical day, sometimes, I play golf instead of going to the range. Now you can plainly see how busy I am, and why I don't have time to blog! Oh yeah, I opened a Facebook thing. It just goes to show if you want something done just give it to a busy person. Wish you were here, Jim

Thanks John & Gloria

The fist few days we were here, I'd pop up well before the crack of dawn and gather my tripod and camera bag and set up on the beach waiting to photograph a beautiful sunrise. All three times, the sky was overcast and the sunrises were ho-hum. I quickly learned to pop out of bed and look out for stars. If I'd see them, well, maybe there would be a great sunrise. This morning I saw stars!
John and Gloria are our landlords for the month of January and they invited me to use their dock at Cedar Point to catch some sunrise photos. I took them up on that opportunity this morning and hopefully that wasn't their dog making a bunch of racket this morning trying to scare me off the dock. If so, I'm so sorry.

Anyway, the view was spectacular and I hope you enjoy the photos.

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