Saturday, January 10, 2009

Back to Beaufort

Jim played golf today and so I returned to Beaufort and you'll never guess what I did while I was there!  Took photos.  Enjoy!

Harkers Island

Yesterday, Jim and I took a ride to Harkers Island. It's not a tourist type spot at all. Instead, it is a very authentic water town with a strong tradition in boat building, decoy carving as well as hunting, fishing and crabbing.
The furthermost tip of the island is 4 miles across the sound to the Cape Lookout Lighthouse. Hopefully, we will get back there before our vacation ends and take the ferry ride to see the lighthouse up close and personal. For this trip, we simply toured the island and visited the National Park Service Visitors Center. We took a mile long nature hike, which is where most of the photos were taken, and toured the Core Sound Waterfowl Museum.