Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Busy,busy, busy.

Well Mary said that I'm not living up to my part of the blog, so...

Today while Mary was off taking sunrise photos I vacuumed the 1st floor of the beach house, took out the recyclables, and showered. When she got back from her photo shoot, we took a walk on the beach. While this might sound like good exercise, its not. WE have to stop every few feet and look for shells. Anyways after our beach "walk", I went to the driving range for about an hour. After that exhusting hour I returned to the beach house and sat on the porch overlooking the ocean and did my sudoku puzzles. Then I needed a break so...I read my book. And somewhere in between all of that I went to the post office. This not a typical day, sometimes, I play golf instead of going to the range. Now you can plainly see how busy I am, and why I don't have time to blog! Oh yeah, I opened a Facebook thing. It just goes to show if you want something done just give it to a busy person. Wish you were here, Jim

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