Sunday, December 31, 2006

New Year's Eve

We are here! Emerald Isle, North Carolina. It took 8 hours from Darlington, Maryland, which included plenty of stop-and-go traffic in Virginia and a few stops for Tasha walks. We arrived last night just in time for a gorgeous sunset as we crossed over the bridge to the island. We were tired and saddle-sore but happy to be here.

This morning we woke up to an incredible sunrise and headed out early to introduce Tasha to the ocean. She wasn’t too comfortable the first time out but later in the day she did fine. It was warm enough for flip flops, near 70 degrees, but not for wadding, which Mary accidentally did while trying to photograph sandpipers. Our cottage is right on the beach and we spent the day taking several walks, as well as unpacking and buying groceries. We both had a beer with dinner and were sound asleep before the new year entered.

We are so happy here! A big thanks to our friend John Lawless for sharing his connections to make this happen and to our landlords, John and Gloria, for offering us a deal too good to refuse.

Saturday, December 30, 2006

Birthday Surprise

On our way to North Carolina, we stopped in Maryland for a couple of days. We did such a good job of ignoring Jim's birthday that he actually forgot about it. Friday night, several members of the Shelsby family stopped by for dinner, cake and ice cream. Jim looks good for 54, doesn't he???