Friday, January 12, 2007

Ted and Cathy Arrive

Ted and Cathy arrived from Maryland just in time to kick off their shoes and take a barefoot walk on the beach. They left Maryland this morning with temps below freezing to arrive at Emerald Isle with sweltering temps in the 70's. They are here for the weekend and the weather is only suppose to get better.

Another One

Another great morning. Sunny its about 60, (the projected high is 70) clear blue sky, and its only 9:30 AM. The Marines Camp Lejeune and Cherry Hill Airbase bases are providing us with an airshow and a concert of canon fire. Down here they call this the" Sounds of Freedom". The only problem is that sometimes the "Sounds of Freedom" interferes with the golf, you got to blame the bad shots on something. Such a small price to pay. Speaking of golf, shot 41, 5 pars, 3 bogeys, and a double. Holed a 50 yard chip shot for bogey, and made a 25 footer for double. Another great day, wish you were here.