Saturday, January 24, 2009

Bird Brain

We have had a few cloudy days lately and so instead of photographing sunrises and sunsets, I've been practicing my bird photography. This seagull was actually laughing at me after I got splashed by a wave.

While all the locals were preparing for our big snow storm (1 inch) earlier this week, it seems the birds had some preparation as well. This photo was taken just outside our door just a few hours before the flakes started falling! There were thousands and thousands of birds in a feeding frenzy that lasted about two hours.

I've also been spending way too much time on the phone and computer but it's paid off with two real estate sales since I arrived. That's much better than I did in November and December so maybe we should just stay down here for a few more months!

Enjoy my bird photos!


Jim said...

Ok, I stay.

LegoMom said...

These are really beautiful! I love birds myself, and always appreciate a chance to photograph them. I also love the variety of birds in the South! :)