Thursday, January 1, 2009

Another Beautiful Sunset

Notice that there is no snow in the photo! We do, however, have to put up with a lot of sand!

Today was spent unpacking, grocery shopping and napping.

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NJ said...

What an amazing view! I'm on my way - be there in about 10 hours!

Have a fabulous vacation.


Anonymous said...

I'm thinking that if I leave my real thoughts and comments, all your friends will wonder why you work at Eagle Vale! It looks idyllic and I asume that this break will refresh you and get you ready for the golf season-the one here, in Rochester. Hopefully you will be golfed out and bored, as I can see from the book you are reading! Photos are glorious and I am jealous. 3 feet of snow will do that to you! Have fun kids, you're not missing much here!

The Bald Eagle loves you!